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LSU vs Wisconsin - Total Points Scored by Both Teams (All Bets Action) Lines at Sportsbooks

Team Lines
00-14 Points +3000
64-70 Points +700
78-84 Points +1200
92 or More Points +600
85-91 Points +1500
71-77 Points +900
15-21 Points +2000
29-35 Points +1000
22-28 Points +1500
50-56 Points +400
36-42 Points +700
57-63 Points +550
43-49 Points +450


Skiing Freestyle Slopestyle Womens
Snowboarding Halfpipe Mens
Snowboarding Halfpipe Womens
Speed Skating 1000m Mens
Speed Skating 1500m Mens
Mens Group A Winner
Mens Group B Winner
Mens Group C Winner
Mens Gold
Womens Gold
Speed Skating 1000m Womens
Speed Skating 1500m Womens
Short Track 5000m Relay Mens
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Six Nations 2014 - 3 Way Lines
Hockey 3 Way Lines
Six Nations 2014 Future
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Bobsleigh 2 Man Mens
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Bobsleigh 2 Man Womens
Skiing Freestyle Halfpipe Mens
Skiing Freestyle Slopestyle Mens
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