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2016 US Presidential Election - Odds to win the 2016 Electoral Vote (All Bets Action) Lines at Sportsbooks

Team Lines
Cory Booker +15000
Debbie Wasserman Schultz +20000
Deval Patrick +25000
Ed Rendell +25000
Elizabeth Warren +2500
Eric Cantor +15000
Evan Bayh +7500
Hillary Clinton +140
Janet Napolitano +25000
Jeb Bush +1500
Jim Webb +15000
Joe Biden +3500
John Bolton +20000
John Kasich +10000
John Kerry +7500
Jon Huntsman +5000
Julian Castro +7500
Marco Rubio +2000
Mark Warner +5000
Martin OMalley +5000
Michael Bloomberg +7000
Al Gore +25000
Michele Bachmann +25000
Mike Huckabee +7500
Mitch Daniels +6000
Mitt Romney +2500
Newt Gingrich +10000
Nikki Haley +10000
Paul Ryan +2000
Peter King +12500
Rahm Emanuel +10000
Rand Paul +1500
Rick Perry +2500
Rick Santorum +10000
Rob Portman +6000
Russ Feingold +20000
Sarah Palin +30000
Scott Brown +5000
Scott Walker +5000
Susana Martinez +10000
Ted Cruz +4000
Tim Kaine +7500
Tim Pawlenty +5000
Andrew Cuomo +6000
Antonio Villaraigosa +10000
Ben Carson +5000
Bernie Sanders +7500
Bob McDonnell +10000
Bobby Jindal +5000
Chris Christie +3000
Condoleeza Rice +10000


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