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2015 College Football Championship Game - Odds To Win Lines at Sportsbooks

Team Lines
Florida St +500
Georgia +1300
Georgia Tech +100000
Iowa +10000
Kansas St +10000
LSU +2500
Louisville +30000
Miami FL +20000
Michigan +8500
Michigan St +3500
Mississippi St +12000
Missouri +11000
Nebraska +11000
North Carolina +10000
Northwestern +20000
Notre Dame +6500
Ohio St +1000
Oklahoma +1400
Oklahoma St +20000
Ole Miss +4500
Oregon +750
Oregon St +100000
Pittsburgh +100000
South Carolina +2500
Stanford +6500
TCU +17500
Tennessee +20000
Texas +8500
Texas A&M +10000
Texas Tech +50000
UCLA +1400
Alabama +650
USC +2800
Utah +100000
Utah St +50000
Vanderbilt +100000
Virginia Tech +20000
Washington +8500
Washington St +100000
Wisconsin +3500
xz Field (Any Other Team) +10000
Arizona +12000
Arizona St +12000
Auburn +850
BYU +30000
Baylor +3000
Boise St +30000
Clemson +8000
Duke +100000
Florida +4000


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