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2015 NBA Finals Possible Matchups - All Bets Action Lines at Sportsbooks

Team Lines
Bulls vs Blazers +9000
Cavs vs Grizzlies +6000
Cavs vs Mavericks +5000
Cavs vs Rockets +1500
Cavs vs Spurs +600
Cavs vs Thunder +700
Cavs vs Warriors +2000
Heat vs Blazers +45000
Heat vs Clippers +13000
Heat vs Grizzlies +70000
Heat vs Mavericks +65000
Heat vs Rockets +20000
Heat vs Spurs +8000
Heat vs Thunder +9000
Heat vs Warriors +25000
Knicks vs Blazers +50000
Knicks vs Clippers +15000
Knicks vs Grizzlies +80000
Knicks vs Mavericks +75000
Knicks vs Rockets +20000
Knicks vs Spurs +9000
Knicks vs Thunder +10000
Pacers vs Clippers +5000
Pacers vs Grizzlies +25000
Pacers vs Mavericks +25000
Pacers vs Rockets +8000
Pacers vs Spurs +3000
Pacers vs Thunder +3500
Pacers vs Warriors +11000
Raptors vs Blazers +50000
Raptors vs Clippers +15000
Raptors vs Grizzlies +80000
Raptors vs Mavericks +75000
Raptors vs Rockets +20000
Raptors vs Spurs +9000
Raptors vs Thunder +10000
Raptors vs Warriors +30000
Wizards vs Blazers +35000
Wizards vs Clippers +10000
Wizards vs Grizzlies +55000
Wizards vs Mavericks +50000
Wizards vs Rockets +16000
Wizards vs Spurs +6500
Wizards vs Thunder +7000
Wizards vs Warriors +20000
z Field (Any Other Matchup) +500
Bulls vs Clippers +2500
Knicks vs Warriors +30000
Nets vs Blazers +60000
Nets vs Clippers +18000
Nets vs Grizzlies +90000
Nets vs Mavericks +80000
Nets vs Rockets +25000
Nets vs Spurs +11000
Nets vs Thunder +12000
Nets vs Warriors +40000
Pacers vs Blazers +18000
Bulls vs Grizzlies +13000
Bulls vs Mavericks +12000
Bulls vs Rockets +3500
Bulls vs Spurs +1500
Bulls vs Thunder +1600
Bulls vs Warriors +5500
Cavs vs Blazers +4000
Cavs vs Clippers +1000


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