NFL Survivor Pool


How to play:

  1. Choose a bet denomination. Use the Up Bet and Down Bet buttons to choose your bet amount.

    This is the amount that will be wagered on each payline. For example, if you choose a $0.05 bet denomination on a slot game with 20 selected paylines, each spin will wager $1 total.

  2. Choose a number of selected paylines. Use the Up Line and Down Line buttons to increase and decrease the number of selected paylines.

    Most slot games default to the maximum number of paylines. The total number of paylines available depends on the slot variation.
  1. Click Spin.

The reels spin. When the reels stop, the game will check all selected paylines, evaluating from left to right, for matching symbols. If you have any winning combinations, as determined by the Pay Table, you will be immediately awarded money.


If you really like playing slots, chances are you want to spin the reels dozens or even hundreds of times. Rather than clicking Spin every time, you can use the built in autoplay feature. This feature can be configured using the options menu or by clicking the Autoplay button. The first time you click the Autoplay button, you will be given a list of options. You must select at least one autoplay option before the reels will spin. Available autoplay options include:

  • Spin # of times (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250)
  • Stop on any win
  • Stop when free spins are awarded
  • Stop when a jackpot is won

You are also allowed to hide the autoplay options dialog. If the options dialog is hidden, clicking Autoplay will begin automatically playing rounds using your last selected autoplay options. If you wish to change your autoplay settings after hiding this dialog, you can access autoplay options using the options toolbar.

While the game is automatically playing rounds, the Autoplay button is replaced with a Stop button. Clicking the Stop button will cancel autoplay, after the current round is finished.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Wild Symbols
Wild symbols in Slots can take the place of any regular symbol, except Scatters. Wild symbols do not activate any special bonus awards on their own, but their presence on the reels makes winning choice awards along selected paylines more likely. Wild symbols cannot take the place of Scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols
Scatter symbols award mostly special bonuses. Scatter symbols disregard paylines entirely. The presence of scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will award cash prizes, regardless of their position. One important aspect about the scatter payout is that it multiplies the total bet and not just the line bet. If three or more scatter symbols are showing, the player will be awarded Free Spins.

You Win!

A spin of the reels in Slots can potentially award a number of different prizes. You can win cash by matching symbols along the paylines, Free Spins by revealing scatter symbols, or even win a large Progressive Jackpot with an exceptionally lucky spin of the reels.

Paylines and Cash Prizes

The most common award in Slots is cash won by matching symbols along a selected payline. All symbols are evaluated from left to right in consecutive order, except for Scatter symbols. Two or more regular symbols in sequence on a selected payline may be a winning combination depending on the pay table for the slot variation. Wild symbols can bridge the gap between regular symbols, if they are used in the slot variation you are playing. Prize amounts awarded for a payline win is determined by multiplying the bet denomination by the payout number shown on the Pay Table for the game. For example: If you have chosen a $2 bet denomination ($2 wagered on each payline) and the slot reels stop on a symbol combination worth 500 you will win $1000 on that payline. Multiple payline prizes can be won in a single spin of the reels if multiple paylines are selected.

Pay Table

You can view a detailed pay table and summary of selectable paylines by pressing the Paytable button on the slot game interface.

The Paytable button is used to view the payout rules page.